Understanding AI models to future-proof your AppSec program

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) used to be considered a tool that only exists in fantasy. Today, it is a real application that's seamlessly used in our day-to-day life.  Because of the wide use of Generate AI tools like ChatGPT, people have limited their definition of AI to large language models (LLM), but perception is different from reality,  AI is much more than LLMs. 

This asset from Snyk defines the different ways businesses can use AI. It explains the difference between narrow AI, logical AI, statistical AI, and generative AI, and it offers insight into how these technologies can be applied at every stage of software development.

This quick read will help you become more knowledgeable when talking to colleagues about AI, as it will help you identify:

  • How close AI is to historical descriptions
  • Concrete use-case scenarios for AI
  • How to map out AI categories.

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