The state of restaurants in 2023

A whitepaper from TouchBistro on the state of restaurants in 2023
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After overcoming hostile business conditions during the pandemic, 2022 has proven to be filled with challenges for restaurant operators. Profits have been suppressed because of high inflation, volatile food prices, and supply chain issues. 

Despite these hurdles, many restaurants have still set their eyes on returning to normal operating capacity. This report examines what has changed since last year as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for restaurant operators.

Here is a quick preview of the key findings you can learn about in this report:

  • Restaurants reported sales recovery to around 75% of pre-pandemic level
  • The restaurant industry continues to face record labor shortages
  • The impact of food costs has resulted in increased menu prices
  • More and more restaurants are adopting online ordering platforms
  • Restaurants have investment heavily in new POS and payment systems.

There are a lot more fascinating topics covered such as how operators have increased their use of social media to promote restaurants. Download this annual report to learn about the key trends that can help operators navigate the coming year.

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Provided by  TouchBistro


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