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Voting has begun in the UK’s longest-running awards for customer satisfaction in tech: the PC Pro Excellence Awards. All residents of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are invited to share their experiences, good or bad, to help our sibling publication PC Pro deliver a verdict like no other.

For these awards are about trust. Based on your experience, and thousands of others, PC Pro builds up a picture of just how good a broadband provider’s customer service is. How reliable a company’s products are, from printers to phones, from laptops to smartwatches.

We also want to know how you rate each product you’ve bought for value for money - and whether you’d buy from the same company again.

The awards only work because people like you spend a few minutes to share their experiences. In return, you’ll be entered into a prize draw as a thank you.

Take part today - PC Pro Tech Excellence Awards 2023

Voting ends at midnight on Monday 18 September, with the results published in the issue that goes on sale Thursday 9 December. To make sure you don’t miss it, take advantage of our latest subscription offer. Subscribe to PC Pro | Future Publishing.

And in case you’re wondering, last year’s winners include:

Best laptop and tablet manufacturer – Apple

Best PC manufacturers – Chillblast, Scan

Best ISP and web host – Zen Internet

Best printer manufacturer – Brother

Best mobile data provider – Giffgaff

Best smartphone manufacturer – Google, OnePlus

Best monitor manufacturer – BenQ

Best online retailer – Box, Scan

Best NAS manufacturer – QNAP

Best router manufacturer – DrayTek

Best cloud storage – Backblaze

Tim Danton

Tim Danton is editor-in-chief of PC Pro, the UK's biggest selling IT monthly magazine. He specialises in reviews of laptops, desktop PCs and monitors, and is also author of a book called The Computers That Made Britain.

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