Windows Phone ready to take on iOS & Android in the enterprise

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phones are going to war with iOS and Android for a piece of the enterprise market, with the inconsistency and expense of its rivals cited as positives for Microsoft's handsets.

John Delaney, head of IDC's European mobility team, spoke at Microsoft's Business Transformed' event, telling media in attendance the Windows Phone is now ideally placed to take on competitors in the enterprise sector. Windows Phone handsets were the fastest selling OS across the world in 2013.

"iOS is only available on two devices, both of which are expensive to purchase, and which also tend to run up higher mobile data bills," said Delaney.

"Android is fragmented and inconsistent between different device brands, and even between different models in a single brand's device range. There are also concerns about the security of Android, such as its high level of exposure to malware."

In comparison, Delaney pointed to the wide range of devices available with Microsoft's OS, often priced lower and offering an improved user experience. The consistency of Windows 8 between mobile, tablet and desktop devices was also highlighted.

According to statistics revealed at the event, 35 per cent of UK enterprises are using Android devices, while 32 per cent are running iOS. This leaves Windows Phones with 10 per cent of the consumer market share in the UK.

"There is a strong growing opportunity for Microsoft to target enterprise IT buyers with Windows Phone, driven by two factors: the wave of enterprises that have been all-BlackBerry shops, and have decided they need to seek an alternative; and the increasing tendency for enterprises to take a CYOD (choose your own device) approach in preference to the full BYOD (bring your own device) model, thus leaving platform selection in the hands of IT rather than end users."

Caroline Preece

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