MoD takes eBay approach to selling surplus goods

Forget skulking on eBay for an authentic fancy dress costume or, say, a fire truck, now collectors and penny-pinchers can buy straight from the source - the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The MoD has launched a public online auction site via its Disposal Sales Agency (DSA) to sell-off surplus government equipment, including military uniforms, tents, and vehicles to groups as varied as collectors, scout groups and scrap metal merchants.

Currently on the site, the MoD is selling off assault boots for 30, an armoured Discovery people carrier for 9,500, various aircraft, the RMAS Fiona, a 22-metre ship, for 70,000 and an amphibious load carrier for 175,000 (pictured).

It's hoped that the auctions will return more money to taxpayers by removing the need for a middleman, reducing disposal costs and ensuring the best possible prices.

"The DSA recognises that with more and more transactions being carried out online, we must adapt our approach in order to maximise the return to the Ministry of Defence and to the taxpayer," said DSA spokesman Les Taylor.