BT and Citrix offer businesses quick and easy remote tech support

BT and Citrix Online have teamed up to make it easier for the communication giant's customers to solve IT problems without having to wait for a specialist to turn up.

By using BT's IT Support Manager (ITSM) service, which uses Citrix Online's GoToAssist application, the telco's small and medium sized business users can give experts permission to access their machines over the web, in a matter of seconds, so that they can identify and resolve problems remotely and in a secure manner.

The service doesn't require an investment in hardware or software and ensures security through 128-bit, end-to-end Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) data encryption.

Customers who've used the solution so far have welcomed the offering as it eliminates any concerns they may have about how long their system will be out of action for if something goes wrong.

"Customers are describing IT Support Manager as a 'really first-class service' that provides 'excellent and immediate assistance'," said Jan Zajaczkowski, senior product manager at BT.

"With the GoToAssist solution for remote technical support, we are able to collaborate with our customers on-demand, thus eliminating the need to send our technicians out to our customer sites. In fact our customers are amazed at the quality and speed of our service, with 97 percent satisfied or very satisfied with our service."

Industry analysts recognise the value that real-time support solutions like this can provide for businesses.

"Remote support solutions, such as GoToAssist, offer ISPs a way to enhance the quality of the customer experience, help ensure brand loyalty and gain incremental revenue," said Richard Edwards, senior research analyst of software and hardware support services, at the Butler Group.

Maggie Holland

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