UK users send more than one billion texts a week

Mobile phone users continue to be SMS hungry, sending more than one billion messages every week and texting at such a rate that every seven days the volumes sent outpace the amount sent during the whole of 1999, according to the latest research from the Mobile Data Association (MDA).

During September, some 4.825 billion texts were sent, averaging more than 1.2 billion each week and 4,000 per second, contributing to growth of 25 per cent compared to 2006's messaging volumes.

As a result of such activity, the MDA has revised its annual predicted total figure for this year by four billion messages from 48 billion texts to 52 billion.

The simplicity of text messaging is one reason for the medium's popularity, as is its recognition as a viable business communications tool and the fact that many consumers now benefit from bundled and cost effective text deals, according to Mike Short, chairman of the MDA.

"The continued growth of text volumes remains a source of fascination for us all at the MDA," he said. "We have been central in helping to promote the technology from our initial campaigns back in 1998. Today text messaging remains important but as part of a much larger and more complex mobile communications industry. From mobile TV, mobile advertising and marketing to internet browsing and music and content creation, the mobile device continues to extend its reach into increasing parts of all our lives."

Short added: "The UK text volumes show no real signs of abating and the UK sits within the top six of the global league of countries sending text messages. While the trend towards operators offering 'all-you-can-eat' tariffs increases, this will act as a catalyst for consumer's passion for all things mobile."

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Maggie Holland

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