Week in review: Bendy phones, Government stupidity and Happy Birthday Herman

Nokia debuts transforming phones

Nokia and the University of Cambridge release a design that uses nanotechnology to create a stretchable and flexible mobile phone.

Home Office laptop and data found on eBay

You would think they would learn wouldn't you? A disc with confidential Home Office data is found under the keyboard of a laptop which was subsequently bought on eBay.

Cash machines at risk from hacker attacks

They may look sturdy and safe but underneath that machine where you type in your PIN numbers is operating software which is essentially the same and as insecure as you have at home.

Apple overhauls MacBook and MacBook Pro models

The entire MacBook line is given a refresh, with new memory and processor improvements. The MacBook Pro also borrows the Air's multi-touch trackpad.

Data breaches cost 47 per record

We find out how much it actually costs victims when confidential details are stolen through data breaches.

Government launches next-gen broadband review

The issue of next-generation broadband for the UK will be examined in a Government review, with a general recognition that it is vital to the country's future success and economic well-being.

Happy Birthday Herman Hollerith

Today, 29 February - a leap year day - would have been the birthday of one of the most significant, yet often overlooked figures in business IT, co-founder of what is now IBM, Herman Hollerith.