Week in Review: Microsoft cuts ties with Yahoo

Microsoft walks away, Yahoo looks at options

Microsoft finally walks away from the Yahoo bid after the two companies failed to agree on a valuation. As a result Yahoo shares fall sharply, with shareholders demanding reasons for its collapse and possible alternative strategies.

ID scheme costs rise further

It might not be a huge surprise, but an IPS biannual report has revealed that the initial cost of setting up a National Identity Card Scheme has risen by 37 per cent, from 245 million to 335 million.

Bournemouth wins fibre broadband sewer network

Bournemouth is the first whole city which will receive super-fast broadband delivered through its sewer system. When implemented, H2O Networks claim it has the potential to offer speeds of over 100Mbps.

Lie detectors to combat benefit fraud

Funding of 1.5 million is announced by the Department for Work & Pensions for lie detector technology that detects changes in speech to catch out possible benefit cheats. It has already been trialled successfully in Harrow.

'New wireless devices will save lives' says Ofcom

An Ofcom report reveals some of the wireless devices that we may be able to see in the next two decades. The technology has a lot of potential, including uses in healthcare, transport, entertainment and commerce.

Srizbi now the dominant spam botnet

As malware removal tools decimate Storm numbers, it seems that Srizbi now has the title of the world's largest spam botnet.