Week in Review: Will next month see the 3G iPhone?

iPhone rumours build

Analysts suggest that 3G capable iPhone will come out in June, possibly with GPS and a physical keyboard. Adding support will address one of the previous version's biggest criticisms, and could boost sales in parts of Europe where 3G instead of Wi-Fi connectivity is strongest.

Tech backs work from home revolution

It was National Work from Home Day which an estimated five million workers took advantage of. Groups like the TUC are fully behind the concept of companies having policies in place to allow employees to work at home.

UK computing graduates lack security skills

Surprisingly, the majority of computing students learning how to develop software have very little security training during their university courses. This could be a real problem for businesses, as any flaws in coding could result in problems which will cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in costs.

UK embraces social networking

UK mobile users have fully embraced the concept of using sites such as Facebook and MySpace on their mobile phones to social network. Demand for this type of content will likely drive competition between mobile service provider's pricing models.

Public sector not all bad

Even though failing projects such as the ID card scheme and the NHS' IT programme hit the news regularly, many small-scale council projects are doing well with smaller organisations and technology working together offering people efficient and innovative solutions.

HP looks to buy EDS for $12 billion

HP makes a huge bid to buy EDS, which would put them second in the tech outsourcing market behind IBM. A bigger HP could compete better in going after large clients and help it keep costs in line, analysts say.

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