Business travellers call for time-saving tech

Business travellers are seeking new technology to save time and money while on the move, according to Barclaycard Business

The banks latest travel survey questioned 3,397 business travellers across the UK about their working and travel habits in December 2007.

Barclaycard Business found that as people are travelling more, for longer distances and periods of time, there is a necessity for them to be able to stay in touch and online, making travelling both time-saving and easier.

The survey found that 46 per cent of respondents sought technology that allowed them to use their mobile phones for more than just voice communications.

In-flight internet use was a top priority for travellers, with 49 per cent of respondents looking to airlines to provide onboard wireless internet connection.

Proof that travellers are increasing their use of online technology can be seen via the number so people using such methods to book travel arrangements. The survey founds that while use of traditional airport check-in desks has fallen from 76 per cent in 2006 to 67 per cent in 2007, mobile phone check-in and online services has continued to grow, from 42 per cent to 47 per cent for the same period.

Meanwhile, 36 per cent of respondents claimed to have reduced their travel time during 2007, citing limited access to technology as the main reason for their change in habits.

Director of commercial cards at Barclaycard Business Denise Leleux predicted advancements in the range of devices and services for business travellers in the future.

"As business travel continues to rise, so too does the need for technological advancements designed to save travellers' time and money. Travel technology is constantly evolving, enabling them to do the things they want regardless of location," he said.

"The future growth of business travel is inextricably linked to the advancement of technology - be that technology to book travel, in-flight technology or payment technology. The next few years will be exciting as we see advancements across a range of devices and services," said Leleux.