Police laptop stolen from car

Yet another security breach has been reported, as Avon and Somerset police force confirmed that a laptop assigned to deputy chief constable Rob Beckley was stolen from a car last week.

Beckley currently sits on the Association of Chief Police Officers' Terrorism and Allied Matters Committee and previously led the community aspects of the national anti-terrorism strategy.

The force said the computer, which was stolen from a car near Marylebone Station in London, "is a portal, used to access the force's systems and network." It claimed that "in itself, the computer contains no information of a sensitive nature."

In addition, Avon and Somerset said that "possession of the laptop would not have been sufficient to allow anyone to gain access to the force network" since the laptop is multiple-password protected and has encryption software. It also added that no data breach has occurred as a result of the theft.

According to the report on the constabulary's web site, a force driver was in possession of the laptop, which was stolen during a "distraction-type theft."

"As soon as the theft was reported, steps were immediately instigated to maintain the continued security of the force network," it said.

It added: "The force is fully committed to doing everything possible to ensure the security of its computer network and systems, and takes any potential threat to that security very seriously."

The Metropolitan Police are currently investigating the laptop theft.