Week in Review: Everybody's on and on about the iPhone...

The iPhone

Unless you've been living on a desert island then you might be aware that Apple has released a shiny new toy to the masses.

There's not an awful lot more that I can say about it if you're a regular reader you'll know about its new 3G capability, its better suitability for business, integrated GPS...

But in the end what might well be its killer app and signal its presence in bags and pockets around the UK is probably the new pricing. On a contract you can get one for free many who were put off the price before are probably queuing for one as I'm writing this...

Yahoo to resell its search

Yahoo had to do something after making such a mess of the whole Microsoft debacle, so it has decided to open itself up and allow rivals to build customised web search technology.

It looks like the company is fighting to remain independent and compete with Google, even as it partners the search leader in a related market.

Even at this stage, Microsoft is till harbouring thoughts of another attempt to make a deal with Yahoo - but only if it sacks the entire board .

VMware chief executive replaced

Diane Greene resigns from virtualisation leaders VMware, a company that she co-founded, after results which did not live up to expectations. She is immediately replaced by Paul Maritz, who previously worked at Microsoft for 14 years.

It comes as research this week is released from IDC which says that virtualisation is gathering pace, with many companies looking to it in order to improve server consolidation.

UK businesses ban instant messaging over security fears

This is an interesting one. Here in the IT PRO offices it is a very useful tool sometimes you can't wait for someone to reply to an email and you need the immediacy of a message to communicate quickly and easily.

But businesses are still reluctant to accept it as a business tool due to security risks, which many may find strange considering it's accepted practice for employees to take computer equipment away from the office, sometimes without the proper security.

So it is a generational thing? It's not that long into the future where employees will be working who have grown up with IM and demand it as part of work. IT and business leaders will have some questions to ask.

DreamWorks goes Intel for animation rendering

It's a little different to what we normally cover, but it's a definite blow for AMD as the major animation studio Dreamworks plans a major technology shift, from AMD-powered computers to Intel powered ones.

This is obviously a major victory for Intel, as reports state that a major reason why this change was made was because of the capability of two forthcoming Intel chips which would speed up the studio's planned shift to 3D animation.