Week in review: How safe is your data?

TK Maxx: The biggest data theft in history Considered to be the biggest case of data theft and identify fraud in history, hackers using unsecured Wi-Fi networks and laptops stole customer data from a host of retailers including TJX, owner of British clothing chain TK Maxx. As criminal charges are issued against several suspects, IT PRO takes a closer look at how this happened.

Microsoft releases SQL Server 2008Database fans finally get a chance to feast upon the delights of Microsoft's SQL Server 2008, which has now been released to manufacturing. In usual Microsoft style, there are seven flavours to choose from, but two - Express and Compact - can actually be picked up, or rather, downloaded, for free.

Virgin loses 20,000 customersAs they say, to lose one customer in unfortunate, to lose 20,000, well, it's really rather careless. The company's second quarter financial figures were actually quite positive, with it breaking into the black with a healthy operating profit of 333 million, but a write down on its virgin Mobile business, a drop in ARPU and the loss of 19,500 customers took much of the shine off.

In flight Wi-FiThose who suffer withdrawal symptoms from not being able to access the net while flying will want to fly Delta when travelling within the US, as the airline has announced plans to offer in-flight Wi-Fi. It's certainly a point of differentiation, when bigger fish such as Boeing pulled the plug on its internet service in early 2007. We're surprised it's taken this long but no doubt others will follow suit.

Asus launches yet another Eee PCYou wait for years for a low cost usable laptop to come along and then 182 come along at once. At least that's what it feels like as Asus launches yet another Eee PC. This time it's actually not that budget, coming in at 450 but that's because it sports a 64GB solid state drive. Screen size is 10.2in and the processor is a 1.6GHz Atom. Not quite MacBook Air performance, but near enough.

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