McAfee to data encrypt Intel MIDs and laptops

Security vendor McAfee has announced it will extend its security products to Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) and Intel-based laptops.

The company said it would provide mobile content security for MIDs based on Intel's Atom processor Z5XX series and Moblin Linux based software. McAfee said that MIDs were likely to face the same security challenges as the PC, thanks to their reliance on the open internet to bring in applications and services.

The vendor will also provide data encryption for laptops which will be integrated with Intel's own anti-theft technology. McAfee said that the laptop will protect its data by shutting down if it is stolen and if unauthorised users attempt to access it.

The data encryption announcement comes a few weeks after McAfee said it was going to purchase the data protection company Reconnex.

"In today's highly connected world, Intel takes mobile device security very seriously," said Pandaj Kedia, director of Global Ecosystem Programs in Intel Corporation's Ultra Mobility Group.

"Intel's low power technologies, in combination with McAfee's experience in security solutions, should enable a more robust and secure solution."