Cut red tape to boost tech research, EU says

Cutting back on red tape will help attract investments in high-tech research, the European Commission (EC) has told its own parliament and council, as it called for a single market approach to ICT research.

The EC was responding to a report by former Finnish Prime Minister Esko Aho, who looked at ICT research in the European Union. One of the findings of that report was that such research would benefit by involving companies and improving the connection between research and the venture capital that could fund it.

The Aho report said cutting red tape would encourage SMEs to conduct research and boosting public-private partnerships would encourage the commercialisation of ensuing results.

Telecoms commissioner Viviane Reding said: "European ICT research is a world leader in telecommunications and audiovisual systems and in application areas such as intelligent cars and medicine. However, we are falling behind in terms of the level and intensity of ICT research spending and we consistently fail to commercialise research results."

"EU ICT research must be turned into growth, jobs and competitiveness. For this to happen, we need a Single Market approach to ICT research and innovation. We need less administrative red tape and risk-aversion and a more proactive policy environment," she added.