MI6 uses Facebook to recruit spies

Her Majesty's Secret Service has turned to Facebook to recruit new - and more diverse - spies.

The MI6 has traditionally looked at the nation's universities for new recruits, but Facebook will give them a much broader outlook on budding talent. It may also help recruit more women and people from ethnic backgrounds.

The secret service, or MI6, has been using radio and newspaper advertisements for almost two years, and has broken into the web by allowing would-be spies to apply online.

Three different advertisements have been launched. One of the pop-ups on Facebook states: "A career in world events? Help influence world events, protect the UK. Operational officer roles collecting and analysing global intelligence."

Last year, it was reported that IT recruiters prefer using social networking sites to advertise for jobs. The sites were praised for being more efficient to use because they allowed two-way communication, as opposed to print or radio advertisements.