Seagate and Acer team up on beefy notebooks

Acer has announced plans to beef up its notebooks with speedier and beefier storage capabilities by teaming up with Seagate.

The PC maker plans to add Seagate's 500GB, 2.5 inch Momentus 5400.6 HDD to enhance capacity and boost data transfer rates for both consumer and business computers alike.

"Acer mobile PC customers want notebooks that deliver state-of-the-art capabilities to meet their needs for capacity, performance and durability," said Campbell Kan, vice president Acer's mobile computing business unit.

"Seagate's new 500GB Momentus hard drive enables Acer to deliver the richest multimedia experience and on-the-go robustness available for notebook computers."

With an areal density of 394GB per square inch and data transfer rates of 87 Mbps, Seagate reckons the Momentus showcases the highest stats for a 5400-rpm notebook drive.

The drives also feature the free-fall sensing technology G Force Protection, meaning they can be safeguarded against damage and data loss.

Data consumption is also on the menu with the new drives, allowing mobile users to get more out of their machines in between charges, according to Seagate.

"We are pleased that Acer is delivering cutting-edge mobile computers with 500GB notebook hard drives from Seagate, with more personal computer makers to follow," said BanSeng Teh, vice president and managing director at Seagate Asia Pacific.

"Seagate continues to advance hard drive capacity, speed and durability, and our latest 500GB 2.5-inch drives and 1.5 Terabyte 3.5-inch drives provide the highest capacities on the planet to meet the growing need to create, store, share and protect digital content."

Maggie Holland

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