Alcatel-Lucent and McAfee tout wireless laptop encryption

Security giant McAfee and networking specialists Alcatel-Lucent have joined forces in a collaboration to protect the data from lost laptops.

A new solution will integrate Alcatel-Lucent's Nonstop Laptop Guardian (NLG) with McAfee's Endpoint Encryption which enables pre-boot authentication and "remote kill" capabilities. It also claims to offer auditing and reporting capabilities to meet industry and government compliance rules.

McAfee's Endpoint Encryption will use encryption and access control to prevent unauthorised use of data, while Alcatel-Lucent's OmniAccess 3500 NLG will use 3G wireless networks to manage and secure computers in a similar way to the protection given to desktop computers.

The partners claimed that with the wireless technology IT departments will be able to deliver patches, software updates, track location as well as control and secure data on a laptop even if the laptop is turned off.

McAfee said that Alcatel Lucent's technology would behave as a remotely controlled ignition key' for laptops.

Frank Jorissen, who works with McAfee's Data Protection Business Unit said: "When lost or stolen, a remote administrator can wipe critical user keys and force the laptop to reboot to the pre-boot logon screen, keeping all data totally beyond compromise."