Photos: 3's Mobile Broadband Router

Mobile network 3 has been blazing a trail in the world of mobile broadband since it launched its first data-only product in 2007.

While not the first network to offer a mobile data dongle, it was the cheapest by a huge margin when its first HSDPA dongle went on sale in the fourth quarter of 2007, selling for just 15 a month including VAT.

Since then, other networks have slashed their prices to compete with 3, and the network has grabbed an impressive share of the mobile broadband market.

Its latest innovation is the D100, a Wi-Fi router made by Huawei - which also makes the majority of the dongles sold by 3. Instead of hooking up to a cable modem or DSL line, you simple plug your 3 dongle into the D100's USB port, and - as if by magic - you can share your broadband dongle among users via Wi-Fi or hard-wired connection just like any other high-speed internet connection.

IT PRO was lucky enough to get hold of one of the first D100's in the UK. Click on our gallery tab above to have a look at our first-hand photos and screenshots, and look out for our review later this week.