Capita wins £60 million NHS web contract

The Department of Health (DoH) has signed a key outsourcing deal in support of its delivery and communications strategy.

Tipped as the preferred bidder this summer, Capita has this week signed a contract with the department for the delivery and development of the National Health Service (NHS) Choices digital information service.

NHS Choices is the agency's web site for communicating with the public, carers and other healthcare, health improvement and social care stakeholders.

It was established through supplier Dr Foster Intelligence a joint venture between the firm Dr Foster and an NHS body which was criticised following unfair negotiations that ignored treasury guidelines.

But the contract signed with Capita will take over from Dr Foster Intelligence to host NHS Choices, as well as provide technical and content development for the next three years.

At the time Capita was named as the preferred bidder, the contract was thought to be worth some 60 million.

Gary Ashby, Department of Health Programme Director of NHS Choices stated: "Our partnership with Capita will ensure that the development of the NHS Choices digital service will continue to fulfil the NHS Choices vision."

He added that NHS Choices would lie at the heart of a "new relationship between the NHS and the communities it serves empowering people to make informed decisions about health and care".

Capita has stated the contract will deliver more efficient access to health education and self help services, capitalising on its growth in visitor numbers of 35 per cent this year.

Miya Knights

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