Week in Review: Dealing with the internet George Agdgdgwngos

You may have watched Fonejacker', a Channel 4 comedy series where comedian Kayvan Novak prank calls people on the phone by pretending to be George Agdgdgwngo, a rather polite African Ugandan scammer.

He tries to obtain bank account details in a variety of ways such as pretending he's from British Gas and overcharging by too much money, finding a pigeon in a bank account holder's bank vault, or claiming that money has to be pressed and steamed.

More seriously though, phone calls aren't really the target anymore, with Nigerian scammers targeting something we're all a little less careful with - Facebook.

An Australian Google employee received a message on the site from one of her friends looking for money to get a ticket home. While the Australian didn't fall for it, with Facebook now becoming more of a communication tool for travellers, it's not impossible to imagine somebody being fooled but probably not as much as this lady.

In the US, it seems that Google's Eric Schmidt is not going to take a rumoured position as chief technology officer in President-elect Barack Obama's future administration.

It's probably a fair move given that he's got the responsibility of running Google and all. However, the very fact that he has been a high profile backer for Obama shows that the technological - and perhaps even more the scientific - community has high hopes about what the new administration might mean for them.

Back at home, the IT industry still has the age old problem of how to keep women in the IT sector, with the number of female IT professionals falling between 2001 and 2007.

Unfortunately IT still has this male-dominated geek image, and it looks like only a wholesale culture change can change this state of affairs.

And finally, Nokia follows up the rather lovely Nokia E71 smartphone with a cheaper entry level version the E63.