I-Ball technology to give troops eye on the ground

A grenade-style wireless camera called the I-Ball is being designed by a Scotland-based firm to give troops a better view of what lies ahead of them.

Through the Ministry of Defence's 2007 Competition of Ideas, the new technology developed by Dreampact could be a life-saving tool for soldiers.

The I-Ball is a portable, wireless, projectile camera that allows soldiers to view an area before they move in using real-time video with 360-degree view. It can be thrown into a room, or sent flying using a grenade launcher - offering images during flight and after it lands.

Click here for an image of the device.

The I-Ball will be able to operate in temperatures below minus 32 degrees Celsius and over 44 degrees Celsius, making it versatile enough to be used on tanks or micro unmanned air vehicles (UAVs.)

"We have overcome some significant technological challenges in developing the I-Ball technology," said Paul Thompson of Dreampact. "Although it is in its early stages, we are very excited about the technology's potential to help our troops to be better prepared for battle."