Obama to lose his BlackBerry?

Barack Obama is the first BlackBerry patron to win the US presidency, but he may be cut off come January.

According to news reports, during Obama's presidential campaign, he would receive memos and briefing notes directly on his BlackBerry instead of having them printed out and delivered. But this constant electronic communication may change as he takes up his role in the White House.

Transparency rules as well as concerns facing the president-elect's personal security, such as being tracked by his phone or his messages being intercepted, may mean he needs to shut off the BlackBerry.

Through the 1978 Presidential Records Act, all presidential correspondence may be put into an official record and can be put up for public review. The information could be under public scrutiny and may bring about a threat of subpoenas by Congress and courts.

Past presidents' George W. Bush and Bill Clinton took a leave of email while in office, and as Obama's team prepares for a final decision on whether or not they will approve of him to continue emailing, authorities say it would be highly unlikely.

But the smartphone addiction might be a harder habit to break. He has been reported to habitually check his email and his BlackBerry was constantly pinned to his belt during his campaigning days.

And if that was not enough, he was even spotted checking his Blackberry during his daughter's football game, although his wife forced him to put the device away.