Week in Review: Foreigners - get your ID cards

So which side are you when it comes to the National ID Card Scheme? Well whatever your opinion, it's looking like the card is going to be with us for a good while yet.

The first round of biometric identity cards is being rolled out to foreigners living in the UK, with the expectation that the majority of them will have the cards by 2015.

Twitter hit the headlines this week, as it was revealed that Facebook failed in a bid for the micro-blogging website, which was reportedly valued at more than 300 million.

Twitter is starting to rival other social networks thanks to its immediacy and citizen journalism capabilities. Twitter was a major news source for Obama's election, and was also a source of information in this week's major terrorist bombings in Mumbai.

IT PRO has been part of the Twitter revolution for a while with a news feed at ITPRO'. But I've also started a twitter account at AshITPRO' . Feel free to follow the randomness that is the life of a business technology staff writer, while I'll be curious to see what you readers have to say as well.

Free laptops for the rest of your life sounds like a happy geek dream. But it looks like Fujitsu Siemens may make this a reality. This week it introduced its new Laptop4Life scheme, where buyers of a LifeBook notebook will get a new one after three years, provided conditions are met.

You know they are out there, but you've probably never understood the reality of becoming one of those faceless identity thieves that constantly haunt your dreams. IT PRO reveal how easy it is to become an ID thief in the internet world, and maybe you can adjust your own security accordingly.

And listen to our podcast if you want to hear us talk about many of this week's stories as well as take a first look at the BlackBerry Storm, a device which follows the iPhone in being both targeted at the enterprise and consumer spaces.