BT in talks on new mobile network?

BT is reportedly in the early stages of a partnership to start a new mobile network with the help of T-Mobile and 3.

Newspaper reports have said that casual conversation has taken place within the three companies about "branding, cost, and revenue". Talk of this is still at an early stage, and if an agreement were made, BT would once again be in competition with larger mobile providers.

When asked for confirmation, BT said it refused to comment on rumours or speculation.

BT has not owned a mobile network since it's demerger from Cellnet in 2001. After having to deal with 30 billion worth of debt left from trying to make Cellnet succeed, BT is going to have to commit to doing their new potential mobile network in a completely different way than they did previously.

But BT may not have a choice but to have another go at the mobile network idea, because today more and more calls are being made on mobiles in comparison to landline usage. Also, it's landline broadband usage has taken a hard hit since the introduction of mobile broadband by other networks such as Orange or Vodafone.