Week in Numbers: Job cuts and Monster data breaches

Last week, Western Digital announced a massive new disk drive, while the NHS IT upgrade was given a deadline to shape up. Read on for more on these and other key numbers from the tech world over the past week.

One in three the ratio of office workers who are checking out illicit content such as porn while on the job. Is it amazing that it's so high, or that it's so low?

2TB the space on Western Digital's new 3.5 inch hard disk, making it the largest of its type out there.

Five per cent the jump in IT spend expected to be seen in the public sector, despite the recession. So for some, finally, working in the public sector pays off.

Six months how long the NHS' National Programme for IT has to sort out the many implementation problems before hospitals should be allowed to look elsewhere for technology, according to a report given to MPs. Many would argue that deadline should have been six months ago...

40 minutes the amount of time most users would have been affected by Google blacklisting the entire internet. Is it even possible to numerically represent Google's power over our internet lives? Either way, it's a lot.

124,028 and counting the number of jobs cut by IT and tech firms hit by the recession so far. NEC added 20,000 to that number today.

One billion the number of people now using the internet, with 28 per cent based in Europe. It's almost hard to believe that just one in six around the world are regular internet users, when it's so much a part of everyday life for some.

4.5 million despite the previous typo suggesting 'billions,' the amount of users affected by the massive hack of the Monster.com job recruitment site.

$1 trillion how much security breaches hurt corporations last year, according to research by McAfee.