Facebook users faced with ‘Error Check System’ app

Facebook users are having to contend with messages from a fake and potentially malicious third party application called Error Check System' that has been sending misleading notification messages.

Typically, the application sent a notification messages reading "[Name] has faced some errors when checking your profile View the Errors message", but the message appears to be nothing more than an attempt by the writer to spread their application across Facebook, for reasons not yet clear.

Security firm Sophos said that a criminal could potentially steal personal details by using this tactic, but so far it hasn't got any clear evidence on what the application writers were trying to do.

Graham Cluley, security consultant at Sophos, said on his blog that this was a clear reminder that Facebook users needed to be careful about installing third-party applications on their profiles.

He said: "Everyone should remember that Facebook does not approve applications before they are made available on their site.

"You really are putting your trust in complete strangers when you add that next application to your Facebook profile."

Facebook users can uninstall the application by using the Edit tab in the Applications section of their profile.

He also said that the number of users performing a Google search for the Error Check System' have led to a top page listing that contains links to other malware disguised as antivirus software.

Cluley queried whether the original Facebook application was in a fact a red herring, with the real danger coming to those Googling for information.

Facebook is becoming more of a target for criminals as they make a move away from email and into the social networks.