Video: Users won't tolerate slow websites

A slow-loading website could be the death of your business as disgruntled users click off your site and onto a competitors.

So says, Google who claims that just a half second additional page loading time can have dramatic consequences to the tube of a 20 per cent drop in traffic.

In addition to peeving users and turning them off and away, a slower website could also cost you dear when it comes to advertising. For example. Google now scores keywords based on landing page loading times. So you could be paying more than a rival but actually end up ranking below them, which doesn't really make much business or financial sense.

"With Google now rewarding sites on faster networks, any business residing on a shared platform or hosting away from the hub of the internet will suffer. There has never been a bigger need for speed," said Lawrence Jones, managing director of UKFast, who carried out the below vox pop video.

Maggie Holland

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