Fujitsu Siemens reveals ‘zero-watt’ PCs

Zero Watt

Fujitsu Siemens has staked its claim as king of the green PCs by announcing machines that it says use no power at all when in hibernation.

The company has dubbed the computers, currently on show at the CeBIT trade show in Germany, the zero watt' PC - and claimed that they can drop into this mode automatically, without a user having to press a button or pull the power plug.

Fujitsu Siemens also said that the computer can still be administrated when in zero-watt' mode, as it can be set to automatically wake up at a given time slot. This enables it to be ready for out-of-office hours updates via Intel vPro technology, and then letting it go back to sleep.

Corinna Kammerer, senior product manager for Fujitsu Siemens PC range, explained that its technology was different from Intel's vPro. "If you want to wake up with Active Management Technology, you need power to the LAN controller but our power is completely zero." Kannermer explained that when the system wakes up, it goes into a standard lower power hibernation state, from which an IT admin can perform any updates.

The company said that zero-watt technology will be available on two machines the Esprimo E7935 micro-tower machine, and the P7935 small-form factor PC.

Fujistu Siemens also said the zero-watt PC also sports an 89 per cent efficient power supply, enabling it to comply with the new Energy Star 5.0 directive, which kicks in on 1 July 2009.

Benny Har-Even

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