Week in Numbers: Facebook over Gmail?

This week marked the anniversary of the first phone call back in 1876 and a Nielsen study found social networking sites are surpassing the popularity of personal email accounts.

1 in 11 minutes spent online around the world are used for either blogging or social networking, according to a new Nielsen study, which showed social networking has surpassed personal email in popularity.

Eight years the time since the ban on stem cell research was put in place by President Bush. The ban was lifted Monday by newly-elected President Obama.

10 inches the screen size of a rumoured new mini-computer supposedly coming to us from Apple , after a close source said Apple had put in an order for 10 inch touch screens at Wintek, a company that makes the touchscreen for the iPhone.

133 years how long it has been since the first phone call was made on 10 March 1876, when Alexander Graham Bell tested out his invention with assistant Watson by saying "Mr Watson, come here. I want to see you."

$40 billion the amount of money slashed from IT spending in the banking sector over the next five years.

100 billion the number of calling minutes Skype is anticipating to handle in 2009.