Students to be taught Twitter in school?

Children could be required to learn about Twitter, Wikipedia and other web tools in school, under new draft curriculum plans which won praise from the government's tech education body.

According to the plans, which were seen by the Guardian newspaper, web and new media skills could be taught alongside handwriting and literacy. Drawn up by former Ofsted head Sir Jim Rose, the full report is set for release next month.

Among other curriculum changes, primary school children would be expected to understand blogging, podcasts, Wikipedia and Twitter, as well as be able to type and use a spellcheck skills many students arguably know better than many of their teachers.

Stephen Crowne, the head of tech-in-schools body Becta, said that technology may well be an everyday part of students' lives, but bringing it into classrooms will help them use it intelligently and bring lessons to life.

"The effective use of technology not only complements, but enhances traditional core skills such as reading and writing, and boosts interest in what children are learning," he said in a statement.

"This is no substitute for good teaching, but is a vital tool to develop knowledge and understanding and prepare children for the world."