EU calls for 'new green deal' for IT

It's time for a "new green deal" for Europe, and IT is the place to start, according to an EU leader.

Viviane Reding posted a video on her web site calling for the IT industry to do better on climate change.

Reding, the European Union's Commissioner for Information Society and Media, said the measures taken so far to meet the EU's goal of cutting energy use by 20 per cent by 2020 will only improve energy efficiency by 13 per cent.

"We clearly need a 'New Green Deal for Europe', in particular in view of the present economic downturn," Reding said in her video message. "Putting the emphasis on energy-saving technology could give a very welcome boost to Europe's economy. After all, Europe's economy is leading in ICT, is leading in green technologies."

The commissioner called on Europe's ICT sector - which accounts for two per cent of carbon emissions - to become the leader against carbon emissions, by setting an example that can be repeated in other sectors around the world.

"Personally, I would recommend the ICT sector to lead the way for the rest of the economy by reducing its own carbon footprint by 20 percent as early as 2015," said Reding.

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