Acer slip reveals Windows 7 release date?

Windows 7 could be available on 23 October, according to Acer's European vice president Massimo D'Angelo.

At a press conference for a new range of products, Acer's UK MD Bobby Watkins revealed a new line up of products, including an All-in-One machine Z5600 PC a touch-screen PC that he said would be Windows 7 ready.

Commenting on this, D'Angelo said that this one was the machine he was looking forward to the most and that while it would be appearing in stores at the end of September it would go on sale, "on 23rd October and not a day before".

Acer also revealed that there would be a 30-day period around the release date during which if they purchased a Windows Vista PC they would be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 7.

When asked to clarify if D-Angelo has inadvertently revealed Windows 7 release date, Acer's UK marketing manager, Adam Westley told IT PRO that he would make no further comment about Windows 7 and that he had to check with Acer's headquarters on what he can and can't talk about.

Microsoft would not comment on the Acer slip up, and told IT PRO in a statement, "as we have said for some time, we are committed to making Windows 7 available within three years of the General Availability of Windows Vista."

The Windows 7 release candidate is now available to download for MSDN and Technet subscribers.

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Benny Har-Even

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