USB gadgets for work, rest and play

Do you ever find when you leave your desk somebody has been sniffing around, moving papers or stealing your best pen? Well fear no more. For no more than 5 you can purchase a USB bouncer. It has a motion sensor so that when people come up to your desk it will say one of six phrases warning them away from your Post Its. You may soon become used to the phrase, "If your name's not down, you're not comin' in."

Number eight of our top 10 falls to this handy little product for your cleanliness needs. The USB mini vac is perfect for cleaning up your keyboard, getting rid of any bits of dust or crumbs from that working lunch. Powered again by the USB, it doesn't require batteries meaning your PC can stay spick and span.

Almost at the end of our list, but handy for the budding musician in you, how about a USB drum kit? Yes you heard us right. The most expensive on our list at nearly 120, this is for the more dedicated USB connoisseur but it is an amazing sight. An electric drum kit featuring six pads, two pedals and including its own tuition software, it won't be long until you will be throwing your suit and tie, as well as a TV, out the window and rocking out to your favourite tunes.

The final addition to our top 10 list is for those who favour a bit of bling with their USB accessories. The Jewel Apple Necklace is more than just a stand out piece of jewellery. Imbedded inside the jewel encrusted fruit is your very own USB stick. It is a wacky carrier, keeping your storage device close to your heart. It may not be to everyone's taste but for those who are keen it comes in at $21 (14) and is available in red, pink, blue and white.

We hope this list may have brought a smile to your face and made you have a little bit more time for the commonplace, but clearly utilisable, USB port. Now we are off to learn the art of drumming.

Jennifer Scott

Jennifer Scott is a former freelance journalist and currently political reporter for Sky News. She has a varied writing history, having started her career at Dennis Publishing, working in various roles across its business technology titles, including ITPro. Jennifer has specialised in a number of areas over the years and has produced a wealth of content for ITPro, focusing largely on data storage, networking, cloud computing, and telecommunications.

Most recently Jennifer has turned her skills to the political sphere and broadcast journalism, where she has worked for the BBC as a political reporter, before moving to Sky News.