Top mobile sat nav software

Using the application, you can switch between 2D or 3D map, satellite view and now street view, making it easy as pair to find your destination.

To zoom into a part of the map, you simply have to pinch your fingers together, and to zoom out you just pinch outwards. You can then sweep your finger across the screen to move the map.

Like on BlackBerry Maps, you can search for Points of Interest using keywords. Simply search coffee' to find the nearest coffee shop.

To make it even easier to find your current location, a big red pin marks your current location so you'll never get lost again...

For touchscreen Windows Mobile devices such as the HTC Touch Diamond2, zoom controls are at the bottom. The + and logos are a little small and the stylus is put to good use here.

2D and 3D maps are still available and there's still one of the most impressive PoI ranges available on a mobile satellite navigation system.

Like on all free satellite navigation apps, you can't get voice directions, but Google Maps still provides a very in depth step-by-step text instructions and you can also view your route on the map itself which is handy for an overview.

Paid-for software

Firstly, TomTom Navigator 6 comes packaged with TomTom Home that allows you to manage, store and transfer all of your content and services to your mobile.

Like on Vodafone Find&Go, you can find other users of the software and transfer particular maps and locations to them, which is perfect if you're trying to plan a business meeting with colleagues or contacts.

Like on the standalone TomTom system, you are presented with an estimated arrival time, which can help plan your time better, and there are speeding alerts that will alert you if you break the speed limit.

All this comes on a microSD card to slot into your chosen Windows Mobile device for complete ease of use.

TomTom Navigator 6 costs 90 and includes maps of Western Europe.

These listings include Wi-Fi hotspots so you can find an internet connection on the move. This is especially useful if you need to send a large file over the internet while you're on the move between meetings.

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