Intel brings software download store to UK

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A new portal website designed as a supermarket for software has been launched in the UK today by Intel.

The Intel Business Exchange Software Download Store is aimed at SMBs, promising competitive prices for buying software compared to the traditional route of going direct to vendors.

Wolfgang Petersen, director of the Developer Relations Division of Intel EMEA, said: "The basic idea behind this website was for SMBs to have a unique store to find software that is relevant to them."

Intel claimed the site will offer independent advice on software from a mixture of the big names as well as new technologies.

Petersen said: "We cannot sell products to SMBs if they are not what they want. We need the big guns in our store as it is shown that SMBs trust big brands."

The software is compatible to any set up, not just Intel, and users also have the option of reviewing the products.

Intel initially launched the site in the US in the middle of last year; it has received over one million visitors since then. Following that success, Intel decided to move into the UK market - as well as France and Germany - and will extend further into Europe if it proves to go as well here.

Petersen said: "Intel is not known for its software, it is well known for its hardware and chips. We had to test this out first in the US before making the move to Europe."

Jennifer Scott

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