Week in Review: Web hots up

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This week in IT, the web's been an exciting place.

Facebook was awarded $200 million in investment, which suggests the social networking site is worth $10 billion though whether that's true or not is up for some debate.

Hot on the heels of Wolfram Alpha, Microsoft is looking to take on Yahoo and Google with the announcement that its new search engine wait, it's apparently a "decision engine" is due to arrive next week. Called Bing, the well-reviewed service could finally shake up search

So with all this competition, is Google worried? It would seem not, stealing some of the limelight from Microsoft's Bing with an announcement of its own: Wave. This new social-networking-like system will draw together everything we do on the web in an open way, bringing together blogs, photos and more, while offering real-time collaboration.

But it hasn't all just been about the online world. Nokia set its sights on Apple with the launch of its own app store, Ovi though the iPhone maker has such a lead in the space, it's hard to imagine Ovi has anything but a long slog in front of it.

The shiniest piece of kit to arrive in our labs was the Asus Eee PC T91. While another new netbook might not sound like exciting news, the T91 features a touchscreen that swivels, so it can be used as a netbook and a tablet - check out our Asus T91 first look review for more.

And to round out the week, apparently IT workers are the second booziest in the nation after journalists. As IT journalists, we're deeply worried, and will be heading to the pub for lunch shortly to drink those concerns away... Oh, wait, that might be the problem.