Need to Know: iPhone 3.0 OS

Remote Wipe - Find My Phone

It's now possible to remotely wipe your iPhone to protect your data if you lose your device. You can also get it to emit a constant noise until you find it when it's fallen down the back of the sofa. Both features, however, require a MobileMe subscription.

Notes sync

Notes will now sync between your Mac and your PC, so you can keep track of those moments of genius you keep having.

Safari enhancements

Safari gets little tweaks such as being able to auto fill in user forms with names and passwords. A neat time saver.


Apple said we didn't need it when it didn't support it, but now finally it's here so we can all send pictures, video or audio from within messages. It's more useful that you might imagine.

Stereo Bluetooth

If you don't like wires, then you'll be relieved to find that finally the iPhone's Bluetooth handles the A2DP profile, providing support for cordless headphones.

Shake to Shuffle

You can now shuffle your playlist by shaking your iPhone. So if you see someone on the train to work making gestures at you, then calm down as they're most likely just changing track.

Buy films TV shows and audiobooks

You can now buy video over your iPhone not just music so you can stock up with content before that long flight right at the airport. You'll need to connect via Wi-Fi though.

Sounds awesome, so how to I get it on my iPhone?

Simply plug in your iPhone to your PC, fire up iTunes and it will prompt you to download it. You'll need to update iTunes to version 8.2 first though, so if you've not done that add time for that to update. Once done, wait for it to finish, hit update and then let it do its thing. And then you're done.Want more background on the latest IT topics? Click here for all the tech cheatsheets in our Need to Know series.

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