Need to Know: All the latest tech topics

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IT is an ever-changing world, with new ideas, gadgets and technology popping up on a weekly basis. As part of our ongoing Need to Know series, we explain the innovations and ideas behind the breaking news stories and announcements, to help keep you ahead of the game.

Here's our roundup of the latest tech topics we've tackled. Drop us a line at if you'd like us to take on a different subject.

Apple's iPhone 3G S - What does the third-generation of the Apple iPhone have to offer?

Apple's iPhone 3.0 operating system - The OS behind Apple's popular device.

Clampi online banking Trojan - Clampi isn't new, and it is only one of a number of serious threats to UK online banking users.

Cloud Computing - It's the hot buzzword for 2009, but what does it actually mean and how important is it for business?

CRM - CRM isn't any easy term to understand, but it's important for retail and other sectors.

Denial of Service - Twitter and Facebook were hit by a denial of service attack - but what exactly does this mean?

Digital books - Google has raised a lot of ire with its digital book plans, but what's all the fuss about?

Digital Britain - The government is laying out plans to bring Britain's broadband up to speed.

Digital Economy Bill - Here are the basics on the file sharing plans and more.

Femtocells - Vodafone is looking to put a femtocell in its customers homes, but what are they?

Firefox 3.5 - Version 3.5 of the Firefox web browser is imminent. We explain what to expect from this major update.

Google Wave - What is it, why should you care and what can it do for your business?

Intel's Xeon 5500 - Find out why Intel's processor is causing a fuss with manufacturers.

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta - Microsoft's Office 2010 beta is now available for anyone to download and use.

Netbooks - Nokia unveiled its Booklet 3G, and caused controversy by insisting that it was 'not a netbook'. So what is the fuss over netbooks anyway?

Opera Turbo - The final release of Opera 10 is out today with the company's Turbo tech built-in.

Palm Pre - Want to know what the fuss about the Palm Pre is all about?

Phorm - The firm is struggling to keep ISPs on side in the UK - but what's all the fuss about?

RIPA - Half a million people were snooped on last year, all using the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

Safari 4 - The details behind Apple's latest web browser. Silverlight 3 - Amongst a flurry of new announcements, Microsoft has updated Silverlight and its related Expression development tool to version 3 we explain what's new.

Snow Leopard - The next gen OS from Apple will support Exchange; find out more of the features here.

Windows 7 - Is Windows 7 so much better than its predecessor? And, if you do decide to shell out for a copy, which version should you get?

Windows Azure - After a lot of talk, by the end of the year Windows Azure will become a reality - with a potentially great impact on enterprise.

Windows Mobile 6.5 - What to know what all the fuss is about with Windows Phone 6.5?

XML - An XML-related complaint has lead to legal woes for Microsoft. But what exactly is XML?


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