iPhone 3G S: Is it all worth it?

Richard Goodwin

COMMENT: iPhone owners love their iPhones. In fact, I have never met anyone who doesn't love their iPhone. It's like a pet for the city dwelling type - an investment, something you can love, use and play with everyday.

The previous iPhone model, as well as being a constant source of affection, allowed its owner to browse crisp internet pages, check e-mail anywhere, listen to music, download apps, chat on Facebook, and do pretty much anything you could do on a computer.

Put simply, the iPhone was, and still is one hell of a device. And it's an even bigger source of phone envy.

Unfortunately, I have never been the proud owner of an iPhone. I've therefore suffered at the hands of iPhone envy, which has only been made worse over the past 18 months through my complete bondage to possibly one of the worst phones in the universe.

So, when news of the new iPhone 3G S broke, I was pretty damn excited, especially since its UK release date coincided with the end of my current, and thoroughly detestable, contract.

The original iPhone came out in 2007 and quickly rose to a dominate the market, with few other devices being able to hold a candle to its superior capabilities. Apple soon proved that the mobile market could be dominated by quality over quantity something the other mobile guys could learn a thing or two from.

Nevertheless, with quality comes great cost and the iPhone is no exception to this rule. Incidentally, this price barrier was initially the main reason I didn't sign up for one when they first came out, and instead opted for a cheaper, yet infinitely more infuriating option. However, I stand by my decision - as much as it loathes me to say it - as iPhone tariffs were simply too expensive back in the days of student life, and purchasing one would have probably financially ruined me.