Your Views: Is the iPhone 3G S worth the cash?

We asked IT PRO readers how they felt about the release of the iPhone 3G S in our biweekly newsletter, particularly in regards to the pricing that O2 has set up for British customers.

Mac fan Lee has been buying iPhones since Apple first started selling them. The first one disappointed him as it didn't do many things his cheap phone did. The second-generation iPhone 3G didn't solve these problems.

He was all set for the iPhone 3G S as it fixed most of the problems he had software and hardware wise. However he was "knocked sick" by the prices O2 were charging tariff wise.

Yet Lee bought a phone for himself and his wife due to the Apple "cool and wow factor". He said: "I think how lucky Apple is for people like me. O2 must be laughing all the way to bank."

No reason to complain

However, Michael had a completely different take. In 1985, he bought his first mobile from BT for 1,800 plus 30 line rental!

He said: "I don't understand why you are complaining about the new phone's price. It's peanuts!"

Philip made the point that the iPhone may be expensive as a consumer device, but it's now becoming invaluable to him as it enables him to travel while leaving the laptop in the office.

He says that the new iPhone software will support and give existing users a new lease of life, but he personally needs to buy the iPhone 3G S as he feels the the additional speed will really help him in his line of work.

He said: "The 275 price tag is affordable with a commercial environment though perhaps not within a consumer pocket."