Do BlackBerry users want to switch to iPhones?

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Nearly half of BlackBerry and other smartphone users would choose the iPhone for their next purchase, according to a report released this week.

A global survey, conducted by US analysis firm Crowd Science, showed four out of 10 smartphone users would switch to the iPhone whereas only 14 per cent of non-BlackBerry smartphone users would move to BlackBerry.

John Martin, chief executive of Crowd Science, said in a statement: "These results reflect the great challenges BlackBerry faces in stemming the iPhone stampede."

The survey also showed 89 per cent of iPhone users were loyal to the brand, as well as reporting much higher satisfaction with the handset compared to other customers.

The results statement said: "In particular, iPhone users are more satisfied... with their phones' screen size, navigation, availability of add-ons, and video playback."

This survey comes after sales of the new iPhone 3GS have broken one million and news that chief executive Steve Jobs may be heading back to work following a liver transplant.