Top 10 business gadgets

Sometimes an unfortunate aspect of many professionals lives is traveling, commuting, or waiting around in between meetings. Jay q-JAYS earphones are the perfect business gadget for getting away from the outside world - either on a flight, the tube, or just when you require a few moments of peace.

Jays q-JAYS are the world's smallest dual-armature earphones, with separate tweeter and driver units packed into each earbud. This allows for the production of superior sound quality allowing you to enjoy your music in the highest possible clarity - both bass, and high end frequencies come through with a staggering clarity and presence.

Additionally, because the earphones are buds, and fit snugly in your ear, they completely block out all external noise.

Lenovo Thinkpad X301

Having a powerful and reliable laptop is a necessity for any professional - without one you cannot function at 100 per cent efficiency, and during economic downturns every second, pound, and email counts.

The Lenovo Thinkpad X301 represents one of the finest business tools on the market - although, at over 1,600 you will be paying high-end prices for it.

Nevertheless, the X301 picks up where the X300 left off, with an improved Intel Core 2 Duo SU9400 / 1.4 GHz processor, Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) power efficiency, and DDR3 memory, all of which contribute towards a significant progression on from its predecessor.

Additionally, the X301 is exceptionally thin, making it ideal for travel and mobility - like a netbook, just with monstrous processing power.

Unlike the MacBook Air, which is only marginally thinner than the X301, the Lenovo device has three USB ports, an Ethernet connection, and optical input - all of which make it the perfect business tool for use in the office, at home, or while traveling.

BlackBerry Bold 9000

The BlackBerry Bold 9000 is often over shadowed by the brilliance of the iPhone, but do not be fooled, this is still an essential piece of business kit.

As business phones go, this is one of the safest bets on the market, combining full 3G and HSDPA coverage, giving you seamless web browsing, which is easily navigated with the intuitive ball, as well as a host of other applications that will come in very handy during your professional and personal life.

BlackBerry has always been well known for its email capabilities, and the Bold 9000 is no exception, allowing you to access up to 10 of your POP3/IMAP and Exchange mailboxes.

Additionally, the Bold 9000 supports many business applications such as CRM systems and comes with Documents To Go as standard, meaning you'll have all the benefits of the office inside your phone - perfect for in between meetings, last minute opportunities, and maintaining constant contact with head quarters.

Encrypted USB storage devices

Data is extremely important, whether it's your personal bank details or key documents from the office - ensuring their safety should always be high on your priorities list.

Encrypted USB storage devices allow you to store your documents and personal data securely on a device that will only grant you access. So, even in the event of losing the storage device, you are covered - giving you, your clients, or your business peace of mind.

You will pay slightly more for such devices, but the security benefits they provide, particularly in the business world, are priceless. Many of the devices, such as the McAfee Encrypted USB Phantom drive, use built-in fingerprint recognition ensuring that you, and only you, are granted access to the stored data.