Nortel releases latest Communications Server

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Nortel has released the latest version of its Unified Communications Server, the CS 1000 Release 6.0.

The enterprise level server has the ability to run LAN and WAN as well as providing wireless VoIP and SIP/IP technology. New features in this updated version include improved centralisation of management, allowing you to manage your network from one place, and Linux-based software providing diagnostics.

Ian Komor, portfolio leader of enterprise voice at Nortel, said: "Release 6.0 is the next major software release of the Communication server 1000 platform and a key enabler in addressing today's business concerns of redefining operational cost increasing business efficiency and enhancing customer experience."

Nortel also claimed the new release is more secure and 40 per cent more energy efficient than similar Cisco products.

The release is positive news for a company facing decline in the current climate. Last month, Nortel sold some of its wireless assets, namely its CDMA and LTE businesses, to Nokia Siemens. The company also confirmed it was looking to sell more of its businesses in the future.