Week in Review: Watch out, Google OS is about!

There was no doubt about what the biggest news was this week. Any new product from Google causes a stir, and when it's a new operating system, it's of big significance to the tech industry.

It appears that the new open source Chrome OS will make its first appearance on netbooks as early as this year, and has already got hardware partners like HP, Acer and Asus onside.

IT PRO asked why Google Chrome OS is particularly focusing on the netbook market first, and pondered what this could mean for Linux and other open source systems.

Simon Bisson and Mary Branscombe ask if Google's reliance on the cloud could be a problem for the Chrome OS, and whether it's not about Google versus Microsoft but rather Google versus the mobile operators.

The Palm Pre

This week also saw confirmation that the O2 had won exclusivity of the hot new phone in the Palm Pre, and that it would arrive in time for Christmas.

Our tech editor managed to get hands on the much-hyped smartphone, which has true multi-touch equalling the iPhone as well as the addition of a physical keyboard.

However, Davey Winder has blogged about disturbing reports coming from the US about problems with the Palm Pre hardware. We just have to wait and see.

If you can't wait for the Palm Pre and are looking for business tech that you can actually buy now, we have a useful run down of the top ten business gadgets that office workers around Britain can't do without.