More tablet rumours for Apple

Apple logo

Speculation abounds that Apple is trying to release a fully-featured tablet computer by Christmas.

A report in the Financial Times suggested the tablet computer would tie in with plans to sell albums, as part of a new deal with record labels.

Indeed, the tablet computer would be part of the plans to return to album publishing, by displaying cover art in a move to drive consumers to buy all the tracks instead of just the single they like.

The device itself would have a 10-inch screen, the anonymous source claimed, and would likely connect to the internet in the same way the iPod Touch does, the FT suggested. "It's going to be fabulous for watching movies," the FT quoted one entertainment executive as saying.

The report also noted that Apple was in talks with book publishers, suggesting the firm could have its eyes on the e-book reader market too.

Apple had not responded to our request for comment at the time of publication, but tends to update the iPod lineup in September, so maybe we'll hear something then.