Week in Numbers: Twit bots

week in numbers

This week in the world of IT, the government's "unforgeable" ID card comes under scrutiny, Southampton University investments in a supercomputer, and the world's largest internet payment service shuts down globally for an hour.

4.89 - Orange this week unveiled its new credit crunch-busting mobile web offer. Priced at 4.89, and available to existing pay monthly and pay as you go customers, the offer will allow users 50Mb monthly allowance at 3.6Mbps, and is available on 18 month contract.

12 - The claimed number of minutes it took security researcher Adam Laurie to hack the government's supposedly "unforgeable" UK ID card.

25 per cent - A report claimed 25 per cent of all tweets on Twitter are generated by bots - and Jonathan Ross makes an average 37.08 tweets a day.

40 - TalkTalk began testing its 40Mbps fibre broadband in London and Wales this week.

60 - PayPal, the world's largest internet-based payment system, shut down globally this week for one hour. The 60 minute shut down, according to a spokesperson, was caused by "internal problems" - normal service was resumed by 3:30 the same day.

74 trillion - The University of Southampton invested 3 million into a supercomputer that is capable of doing 74 trillion computations a second this week.