BT gives UK holiday makers Wi-Fi hotspots

Holiday Wi-Fi

Do you hate that feeling of leaving your house behind and waving goodbye to your trusty internet connection before heading off on your holidays?

Well fear not as BT has turned a number of UK holiday sites into Wi-Fi safe havens.

Through a partnership with Wicoms, BT Openzone has announced it will provide Wi-Fi connections to holiday locations throughout Britain including 77 campsites, three Pontin's camps and Coastfields Leisure sites in Skegness.

Simon Davies, chief technology officer for Wicoms, said in statement: "Lots of Brits have stayed in the UK rather than head overseas this year. Families tell us that holiday sites are another location where they want to get online. Teenagers and gadget addicts are set to be heavy users."

The service will be provided at no extra cost if you already are a subscriber to BT Openzone or have Wi-Fi included in your mobile phone contract. You can also buy vouchers from BT starting at 5.88 for 90 minutes connection time.

BT Openzone hosts a variety of Wi-Fi hotspots including connections at Starbucks, Premier Inn, Caffe Nero and a range of outdoor city spaces.

Jennifer Scott

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