Week in Review: How much is too much data?

There has to be a balance between agencies having enough data do their jobs effectively and the rights of individuals but how do you achieve this?

A report recently released showing that there were half a million communication data requests under the RIPA act muddies the waters. It sounds an awful lot.

Naturally the government defends it, but it doesn't break the data down so we know exactly who is making these requests.

It was also reported this week that the government's [a href="https://www.itpro.com/613690/home-office-denies-id-card-hack-claims" target="_blank"]ID card could be hacked in 12 minutes[/a], a claim which is rubbished by the Home Office.

Who to believe? If any of the claims are true, then this could be a very, very big problem.

If we did scrap the scheme, which the Tories say they intend to do, analysts Kable claims that it could save the government more than 3 billion.

The browser is the OS?

This week we also thoroughly investigated what the Google Chrome OS would really mean when it came to the development of cloud services.

It's a nice idea in the sense that it could make web applications easily accessible from anywhere, but will users really trust their data to be off the personal desktop and in the cloud?

Another feature also gives some useful advice about what businesses should do if they suffer the damage of a data breach whether it is by bad luck or bad policies.